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Category: Starting Up 20 top UK based business blogs

Business blogs can provide helpful information and guidance for your business and industry. Image courtesy of:

20 top UK based business blogs

As the visibility of business blogs online continues to expand further and further; identifying those that offer the expert points of view most relevant to your business and industry has become an increasingly time-consuming task.  We’ve hand-picked 20 of UK’s best blogs to help you uncover the information and advice that is of most value to your business.


A blog by Felix Wetzel, group marketing director of Jobsite. He shares his personal views on a number of business topics, drawn from his own experiences. Active since March 2010.

2. The 'itsdevelopmental' blog

A blog by Martin Couzins, freelance content strategist. He provides some helpful tips for entrepreneurs about various aspects of business, including recruitment, innovation and social marketing. Active since January 2008.


3.The 'its' blog 

The posts in this blog are specific to technology, having been written by IT consultants from its. Topics include: “the easy way to improve your broadband speed” and “the cloudy future of IT”. Active since November 2009.

4. The 'What Goes Around Limited' blog

Doug Shaw writes an engaging personal blog where he shares his experience as the owner of What Goes Around Ltd, as well as his encounters with other businesses and business events. There is a great post titled ‘how to be kind’ which is directed at adults, but was actually suggested by his young daughter. Active since December 2008.


5. Digital Diva

This user friendly blog gives a good overview of the digital world, featuring topics such as SEO and social media. It is visually attractive with many links, pictures and posts to make learning about digital appealing to everyone. Created by Ally Manock in Feb 2010.


6. The Small Business blog 

A detailed business blog designed specifically for SMEs. It covers all aspects of business from accounting to web technology.  Written by a selection of authors who clearly know their way around a business, this blog is definitely worth following. Active since April 2006.


7. Citizen R

Although this is not specifically a business blog, Siân Rowland found herself unemployed after the public sector cutbacks and instead of accepting defeat, decided to embark on an adventure of self-employment. This blog follows Siân’s transition from public sector worker to entrepreneur. Active since September 2010.


8. The 'Project Resource' blog

This team of bloggers provide business solutions covering a range of topics for employers or employees. Project Resource Blog specialises within the construction, civil engineering and infrastructure industries, but many of their posts can be applied to any business. Active since January 2010.


9. Farbey's Notes 

Farbey is a young entrepreneur who successfully co-founded a mobile marketing agency and is now pursuing a career in designing mobile phone applications. He has written a four part start-up series for other young entrepreneurs. He also writes detailed posts about the mobile marketing industry. Active since August 2011.


10. Birds on the Blog 

As their tag line says, this blog is for “business women with something to say”. The content ranges from personal life posts, to small businesses, also focusing on specific areas such as marketing. It is visually pleasing with great content for all to enjoy. Active since 2008.


11. The 'SmallBizPod' blog

This is a blog created by Martin Couzins, freelance content strategist. He provides some helpful tips for entrepreneurs about various aspects of business, including recruitment, innovation and social marketing. Active since January 2008.


12. ibrian

Brian Turner is a business consultant and news editor who specialises in SMEs and start-ups. His blog contains useful advice for small businesses that are trying to get the best out of the internet. Active since September 2004.


13. workessence

Neil Usher’s blog contains in-depth posts relating to the world of work and business more generally from a variety of perspectives. Active since October 2011.


14. Creativity and Innovation

Derek Cheshire set up creative4business to promote the use of creativity as a business tool. His blog has been active since May 2005 and focuses on innovative business processes, many of which are worthy of note.


15. In Business Blog 

Created by business owner Russell Bowyer, this blog provides general business advice as well as providing a space for followers to share business ideas.


16. The 'British Library Business and Intellectual Property Centre' blog

This blog which is maintained by Neil Infield, Manager of the British Library's Business and IP Centre offers tips and advice for entrepreneurs looking to start, run and grow their business.


17. The '' business blog

The Guardian’s business blog is a great source for the very latest business news. It is updated several times a day during the working week by business reporters and columnists from the Guardian.


18. The 'UK Business Planning' blog

Hosted by co-founders of UK Business Planning, Lourie Nel and Ben Botes, this blog provides in-depth business guidance and advice across a variety of fields.


19. The 'greylock' blog 

Maintained by Greylock’s team of business experts, this blog aims to provide information and advice for both established businesses as well as start-ups. Active since October 2010.


20. Industry Voice Blog

Business Green’s Industry Voice Blog provides a platform for experts from the low carbon economy to share their views and discuss the latest green business developments.