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Category: Finance Spotlight on an alternative lender:

Spotlight on an alternative lender:

Crowdfunding is a buzzword in alternative finance at the moment but many small businesses are reluctant to consider it - even if they’ve been turned down by banks. So, if you don’t fancy organising a Kickstarter campaign, what are the most suitable ways of raising money for your new and growing company? In the first of a new series, we ask founders of alternative finance platforms to tell us about their business and what they think is next for peer to business lending.
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Category: Green Top athletic talent at Workspace

Top athletic talent at Workspace

Head of Marketing, Cathie Sellars, has lived in London for ten years, and has been with Workspace for six. It was only a matter of time before this Australian succumbed to a charity run. This weekend, she ran in the Royal Parks half marathon to raise money for the Family Rights Group, a charity which provides advice and support for families whose children are involved with social services. Workspace matched the amount of money she raised (capped at £150) as part of their mission to support charities close to their staff members’ hearts.
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