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Emma Obanye from BuddyBounce at Pill Box #WorkspaceStories

BuddyBouce, a platform which allows music artists to engage with their super fans, was one of the first businesses to set up in the new Pill Box building in Bethnal Green. Founded by Emma Obanye and Giulia Piu in April 2013, it recently secured the first ever round of seeding from Angel Academe, an angel investment network. In this episode of #WorkspaceStories, Emma tells us a little more about her business and about moving into Pill Box.
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Category: Finance SME financing: Think outside the box

SME financing: Think outside the box

We’ve all heard of peer-to-peer lending and crowdfunding but what about the other innovative financing ideas which have been bandied about to help SMEs? Farah Khalique takes a look.
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