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Category: Technology Re-imagining the city

Re-imagining the city

Innovation is vital when it comes to urban areas: the built environment is not something ever-fixed, immovable, unyielding... Neither is it something distant over which we have no power or control. And so, a growing number of startups, creative folk and established businesses are making efforts to increase our enjoyment of the built environment, its positive impact on our lives as well as shift our notion of it as permanent and unchanging.
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Category: Finance A new approach to crowdfunding: build your own platform

A new approach to crowdfunding: build your own platform

Crowdfunding is one of the most well recognised forms of alternative finance, with platforms such as Crowdcube and Kickstarter firmly embedded in the public consciousness. But how many people can say they’ve set up their own crowdfunding platform from scratch to help their business prosper? Meet Tim Fouracres, founder and chief executive of cloud accounting software firm, Clear Books. With over 7,000 customers and 32,000 followers on Twitter, he has tapped into the company’s loyal following.
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