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Category: Marketing 5 Reasons to take a closer look at Google+

5 Reasons to take a closer look at Google+

Google+ turned three back in late June and continues to grow in spite of what a few naysayers in the tech press occasionally say about it being a “ghost town”. In terms of a social destination it’s second only to Facebook in terms of active users, which means that it should be something to take a serious look at if you haven’t already. While many people think of Google+ as a social network it’s really a whole lot more than that. Sure, there are social aspects to it, but it’s also a layer beneath pretty much everything that Google does. Here are five reasons to take a closer look at Google+
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Category: Technology Re-imagining the city

Re-imagining the city

Innovation is vital when it comes to urban areas: the built environment is not something ever-fixed, immovable, unyielding... Neither is it something distant over which we have no power or control. And so, a growing number of startups, creative folk and established businesses are making efforts to increase our enjoyment of the built environment, its positive impact on our lives as well as shift our notion of it as permanent and unchanging.
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