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Category: Collaboration Alphie's Artic Adventure: No pain, no gain

Post 5K JJL Property run at Regents Park. Some serious preparation.

Alphie's Artic Adventure: No pain, no gain

On the 5th to the 8th of December this year, four intrepid members of the Workspace team will be venturing off to the Swedish town of Kiruna in the Arctic in support of London-based charity Kids Company. Kiruna lies 150km north of the Arctic Circle. The temperature can drop to minus 30 degrees and, during winter, the town only sees five hours of twilight a day. If that weren’t challenging enough, the Workspace team will be taking part in a biathlon where they’ll be ice-fishing, sledding and competing in a 25km ski race. But this will only happen if each team member raises £1,200 for Kids Company before December.
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Category: Finance Pension pots fuel self-financing

Pension pots fuel self-financing

The explosion in UK alternative finance is putting more SMEs on investors’ radar than ever before, but for those business owners who prefer a solution that’s closer to home there is always the option of dipping into your pension. It may not yield as much as other forms of alternative finance, but at least requires no third party arrangement fees or onerous personal guarantees. Farah Khalique tells us more.
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